Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday's Projects

With First Grade We did a picture that tells a story about them. The Zoo Project seemed to be more suited for a second grade student. We did the picture using Microsoft Paint.
If you were a girl you had a yellow circle and if you were a boy you had a brown circle.

We did a circle for the favorite color.
Purple X's for how many pets that you have.
Blue Rectangles for brothers Pink Rectangles for sisters how many rectangles is how many of each the student has.
A Triangle for the color of the students eyes.
A Zig Zag the Color of the Shirt that they were wearing.
Red Pants if you were wearing blue jeans.
L for Long Sleeved Shirt S for Short Sleeves.
A Blue Circle for Tennis Shoes an Orange Circle for Boots or Pink Circle for Slip-on Shoes.

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  1. I love the U words - very creative!